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Diversified Acquiring Solutions
is a Registered ISO of
Esquire Bank,
Jericho, NY 11753


Diversified Merchant Services offers a variety of programs for Banks and Financial Institutions.

  • The Merchant Services Programs provide transaction processing of all major credit cards, including debit card processing and check guarantee services.
  • Our Merchant Processing Programs are designed to accomplish two objectives - gain, and of equal importance, retain the merchant customer.


Referral Bank Program - features local Sales Representatives.
  • Diversified handles the sale, set-up, on-going full merchant support 24/7/365
  • Diversified assumes 100% merchant liability
  • Marketing Programs generate additional commercial business
  • The Program requires no work for your staff
  • Receive a referral fee and residual income on all processed volume
Agent Bank Program
  • Diversified assumes 100% merchant liability
  • Provides 24-hour customer service, and full merchant support.
  • The Bank assists the merchant through the application process
  • The Bank determines the price to the merchant
  • Flat Rate or Grid pricing options
Processing Bank Program
  • The bank solicits clients, manages the risk, provides the first line of customer service
  • The bank chooses from a menu of services that they want Diversified to provide - an outsource program - total flexibility, maximum profits
  • The bank determines the overall profit margins
  • Flat Rate, Bundled or Unbundled pricing options
  • Cash Advance Services - The bank is paid for each Cash Advance transaction.

  • Full Payment Processing - Encompassing the decision process, account set-up, maintenance, authorization, data capture, settlement, merchant accounting, adjustment activities, customer service, terminal sales, service and support.
  • Pricing - Flat Rate (profit margins are protected) or Unbundled options
  • Bank determines specific merchant account profitability
  • Bank's name appears on the merchant statement
  • Exception Processing that includes security, chargeback and compliance services
  • Web Based Reporting with Bank's Name and Logo
  • Relationship Manager Assigned
  • Complete Marketing Services
  • New Application Status Reporting
  • 24-hour 800 Number Terminal Support
  • Technical and Product Support
  • Specialty Card Programs - Loyalty, Gift, Reward
  • Monthly Compensation Reporting
  • Check Guarantee Services (ECC)
  • Cash Advance Services - The bank is paid for each Cash Advance transaction.

Diversified is focused on assisting our financial institutions with portfolio growth. A variety of Marketing Programs and Sale Contests can be selected and implemented. Diversified absorbs the costs associated with execution of these sale endeavors. A focused sales effort to promote a merchant program to existing commercial clients or prospects can secure additional Demand Deposit Accounts and open doors to multiple relationships. Diversified Keeps the Programs Profitable and Simple

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